Yoli Blast Caps – Yoli Drink Product Review

Yoli is a very new networking company out there as of 2010. It has a very solid foundation of leaders all very familiar with mlm and network marketing. Because of this fact allfrequencyjammer they have put together a new ‘hybrid’ payment compensation they believe will help the average person find success with Yoli. But the thing they are most proud of is their product, the Yoli Blast Caps. These blast caps are expected to change the face of the beverage industry and create a new standard.

What Are ‘Blast Caps’

The Yoli Blast Cap essentialwell is definitely a unique concept in the health drink industry. The simple, yet innovative, blast cap is a powder in a cap that is simple screwed onto a bottle of water and ‘blasted’ into the water when you are ready to drink it. There are two drinks. The first is a ‘vitamin’ drink called ‘Truth’. Truth is filled with super fruits, vitamins and antioxidants like Pomegranite, Acai, Goji Berry, newzhit Resveratrol, White Tea Leaf, enzymes and probiotics. All of this with only 10 calories. The other is called ‘Fun’ and is for athletes. Our body’s produce acid waste when exercise converts food to energy. This same acid waste is produced by poor diet and other common external environmental stimuli. ‘Fun’ will help remove this acid waste in the body by normalizing alkaline pH levels in the body. It is already endorsed by two major athletes Bryan Clay and Carl Lewis.

What Makes Yoli ‘Blast Caps’ Different?

The advantage ‘Blast Caps’ have over other drinks is very simple but makes sense. Liquid beverages must be HEAT pasteurized before they are brought to market. This process is necessary to make sure that harmful bacteria in the liquid is killed. The problem with this is that vitamins, capcounter antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes and other healthy ingredients are damaged and sometimes even eliminated by this heat pasteurization. Kind of counter productive when the production process damages the very ingredients meant to help you in the drinks. What’s the point in buying the ‘vitamin’ drink when the ingredients have been damaged or destroyed.

‘Blast Caps’ on the other hand are a powder so do not need to go through the pasteurization process. The vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics are kept in tact until you decide to ‘blast’ them into your water. Another advantage is that harmful preservatives that keep liquids from going bad on the shelf don’t need to be placed into a powder. appoura

Yoli also offers a reusable bottle called KOR so you can simply add water into it and screw a new blast cap onto it for later use. This is part of their mission to help reduce the huge amount of plastic bottle waste being put into our landfills daily.


The ‘blast cap’ technology Yoli provides is definitely beneficial, especially for those of us truly looking for a quality health drink. The caps go for around $1.99-$2.50 depending on how many you buy at once and if you are a distributor or not. The price looks reasonable considering the extra quality received from not being heat pasteurized. The business opportunity is still MLM and selling to family and friends is required, but since many people are using products like these already, it may be easy enough to find customers. For more info please visit here:-buzzindeed.com


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